Linear Programming Homework

First, complete the mathematical requirements for each assigned question and subpart in a separate Excel tab. You are required to include both answer report and programming parts. Save your file as HW #[x] – LastName, FirstInitial.xlsx. So, for HW #2 Jane Doe should save her Excel file as “HW 2 – Doe, J.xlsx”.

Second, complete the narrative description requirements of the assignment in a Word document. Complete the narrative in the Word document. When the question asks for calculations, make reference to the appropriate tab in the Excel file for reference. You may also copy and paste a picture or spreadsheet link within the body of the narrative as well.

– Show mathematical steps in detail to receive full credits

– Refer to rubric

– Homework 2 Guideline WebEx Video:

#1 – Page numbers and week mentioned in this video does not match with page numbers shown in the attached file, but this is because I recorded this video a while ago before the course was revised. I said week 3 assignment in the video because this question was in week 3 assignment in the past. So, stick to page numbers shown in the attached file. Other than that, the content is the same so you will not face any confusions.




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