Keiser University Week 4 Nike’s diversity message in 1995 Discussion

  • Week 4 Diversity DiscussionIn 1995, Nike created a television commercial about long-distance runner, Ric Muñoz, who has HIV. This commercial is unique because it is one of the only commercials to use HIV/AIDS thematically. The commercial shows Muñoz trail running with his feet pounding and steady breathing; this combined with intense, motivational background music. The following words run on the screen: 80 MILES EVERY WEEK . . . 10 MARATHONS EVERY YEAR . . . HIV-POSITIVE . . . JUST DO IT.Watch the commercial using the following link: Watch Video YouTube URL:
    Then, discuss the following questions:
    1. What was Nike’s diversity message in 1995?
    2. What risks did Nike take by running this commercial?
    3. What was Nike’s goal with this commercial?
    4. What is Nike’s current stance on diversity?
    5. Has Nike maintained their strong support of the LGBT community and other diversity groups?

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