Kathryn Schumeister Concert Report discussion

—Concert: Kathryn Schulmeister (double bass) – Feb. 23, 7pm (CPMC Concert Hall)


Basic information (5 points)

  • Who performed on this program?
  • What music was performed (composers, works, improvisers, etc.)?
  • Where and when was the concert held?
  • What was the venue like? (size, arrangement, acoustic, etc.)

Interaction (10 point)

  • How did the musicians interact with one another? (If there was only one, how did she or he present herself/himself?)
  • How did the musicians interact with the audience?
  • How did the audience interact with the musicians?
  • Was there anything about these interactions that you found unusual or unexpected? If so, why might this be?
  • Is there anything you would prefer to change about this experience in order to feel more comfortable in this concert setting?

Music (20 points)

  • Discuss how the works performed might connect to some of the topics (or specific works or artists) we have been discussing in class
  • Why do you think the organizers of this concert chose to present these particular works in combination? What explanation could you propose as to why this concert was “curated” this way?
  • What was your favorite music on this program? Why?
  • What was most challenging as a listener about this program?
    Other interesting considerations: form, timbre, artists motivation to create such a piece, interesting or unorthodox ways of using the instruments or the voice…

—For this question:

  • Discuss how the works performed might connect to some of the topics (or specific works or artists) we have been discussing in class

Please simply find a contemporary musician and resonate with him/her. Please use general language so that I can plug someone that has been discussed in class in. —Use Simple Language

—This is the comment from my last concert report. Make sure you have an eye on these questions.

verification 15/15 basic info 5/5 interaction 10/10 music 18/20 total 48/50 You’re able to identify concepts from class. The next step is to connect those things to the musical context. For example, how did a particular extended technique affect the piece as a whole? It sounds like you’re not sure how to listen to new music. This should be a personal project for future new music concerts. A hint is that good new music usually has one specific compositional element that’s focused on at a time. Do you find that you’re focusing on pitch? Then ask, how does it change over time? Are you focusing on timbre? Ask, how does it change over time? Dynamics? Ask the same question. You get the idea.

—Information about the concert and Videos of the concert are all attached! Please look at all of them and have a feeling of the concert.

—3 pages are not a lot. Just answer and elaborate on all of the questions in the requirement.

—Let me know ASAP if you have any questions

Thank you very much


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