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April 7, 2018
Please use the below shared activities instructions in developing the paper. REQUIRED Shared Activity: Developing Brand Positioning Strategies In order to be successful, a marketing plan must be strategic. One way to be strategic is to develop a brand positioning strategy that clearly articulates a brand’s appeal and value to customers. A brand is something that a consumer will pay more for than he or she would pay for a commodity in the same category. For example, a supermarket in the United States might sell one lemon-lime soda for 50 cents a can. Right next to that lemon-lime soda display is a commodity soda—perhaps a generic brand that carries the supermarket’s name—that sells for 25 cents a can. The strength of the first soda’s brand lies in how often customers are willing to pay that extra 25 cents to purchase the more expensive brand. The difference between the two prices—25 cents—is the value of the first brand, which, according to one estimate might be worth at least $70 billion over time to an organisation (Ries and Ries, 2009).
April 7, 2018


The Journal tab is located on the toolbar next to the Dropbox. Please write your responses there.

Unit 9 Journal

  1. Discuss why you selected each article used in the      discussion this week
  2. Discuss how the design of a community health promotion proposal      has affected your daily nursing practice. Is there any aspect of your      practice you would change tomorrow?

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