Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action questions

I will do Presentation in my law class about Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

what i need you to do is just answer Questions 3 & 6 only please in one long paragraph fro each question, i highlight my part with red and blue (if you make the answer in points it will be easy for me to say them please)

3- What does the treaty do?

6- Do you find the treaty to be effective or ineffective?

i already start answering them i just want to make sure i am right and sure you can change and delete my answer and answer them in you own way because i am not sure if my answer are right.

for number 6 the teacher told me to talk about the sanctions and how they effect or impact the country and the people and give an example.

and if there is video please send it please but you still have to do the two long paragraphs for the questions


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