informative speech outline for public speaking communication

I have 6-8 minute speech. we need to choose an appropriate a topic. I chose tobacco industry. I need to have 3 main topic to talk about which is 1) History of tobacco how founded, how used, then how become an industry for smoking like a general history. 2) the effects on society. how society reacted, how people used, or they start used as trade. discuss some of the effects on society. 3) current statue of using tobacco, producing, and the current suffering of people because of tobacco, and if there is other point looks important.

for this essay if you want you can focus on USA, or in general in world, or both.

please do a research using sources and please use facts and statics.

the outline essay must start with an attention getter it can be a fact, then have a small introduction, then write 3 body paragraphs using the three main point providing facts, statics, and examples. Finally a conclusion paragraph and tie back.

please provide all the references you used in the end in a separate page.

Thank you in advance.


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