Identify the major functions of the compliance officer.

Week#2-To Do List-CCH
Introduction To The Compliance Officer
The health information compliance officer (HICO) is the person designated to lead all the other members of the HIM team in determining the methods to be used in performing their jobs both ethically and legally. Each department will have a counterpart, and these departmental personnel will work with the HICO and the compliance committee to establish an organizational culture of legal and ethical behaviors. Altogether, they will have responsibility for coordinating and promoting proper methods and systems for excellence in health care delivery while keeping solid legal standing, thus protecting the patients, facility, and staff.
To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to:
Identify the major functions of the compliance officer.
Explain the need for the compliance officer’s full authority
Determine the qualifications for a compliance officer.
Assess the responsibilities of the compliance committee.
Enumerate the competencies of the HIM compliance officer.

Please use the assigned textbook to read the following section:
Chapter 2: The Compliance Officer

Week 2: Discussion
Answer the following questions:
If you were interviewing for the position of Compliance Officer, how would you support the skills and abilities necessary to do the job?
What elements do you notice mentioned in one Code of Ethics but not the others? Why do you believe this is worthy of mention by one and not all three?

Week 2: Case Study Assignment

Please read the following case study:

Case study on page 20 of your textbook.

Provide an explanation for the choice you made. Your paper must address the following:

Address problem of the case decision.
A thorough analysis including resources.
Detailed comprehensive realistic recommendation.
Supplements with extensive compelling evidence from legitimate sources.
Sources cited correctly in the body of the case and reference page.

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