Identify all the domains of health to be assessed

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Please see the instruction which I will upload later.

1600 words essay
Using the third person writing (no such as “I”, “you” please)
APA style, academic reference from 2010-2015, Australian reference only
You are a community nurse (There are some different roles compare to other nurses)
The writing structure of care plan has been given. This essay will follow these orders: instruction, assessment, care plan, implementation, evaluation and reassessment, and conclusion. The major parts would be the “assessment”, and “care plan”
This essay is written for show the ability of comprehensive identifying, discussion, and create care plan for comprehensive conditions (6 domains of health). Please writing it base on this principle
The boldfaced words are the instruction of teacher, the smaller words following are my personal explanation for some details. Please follow both of them, they should not be conflicting.



Identify the information needed to care for the client and structure assessment to provide you with the information required to plan care for this particular client’s specific problems
Identify all the domains of health to be assessed
Identify the tools needed to perform the assessments in each domain
Identify additional information needed and method to collect the required data, e.g. urine tests

Brief introduce the domains of health: physical, psychological, social, cultural, spiritual, intellectual
Brief introduce the conditions from the 6 domains of health – such as from physical domain, the patient is experiencing chronic pain, decreasing the level of daily activities, overweight, blisters, ect. , and the structure assessments need to be done for the 6 domains as a community nurse.

Please mention the side effects of medications need to be awar, for example, Ibuprofen may cause hypertension, Baclofen may cause headache, Diazepam may cause hypotension. ect.

What are the nursing assessments need to do for the each domain (and brief reasons) as a community nurse at the patient’s home? – You are a community nurse

Additional assessments and why(something must do in hospital, such as urine tests)

Care Plan


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