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Today’s world is shifting more towards cloud computing which is having a network of remote servers to store and process data rather than the personal computer storage. It is service that is self-service oriented. To use the service, you just need to log in and customize based on customer needs and then basically start using it. It is very simple and effective. They cost less since the customer doesn’t need to pay for the software, hardware or the facilities (Sawas & Watfa, 2015). They don’t use the IT resources of the company. Thus, users can deploy applications which can shared over the cloud. The users benefit since it can be remotely accessed all over the world making it free of geographic restrictions. Thus, resources that are available in certain areas can be made available to all the sites making resource pooling effective. The cloud computing systems are effective and adaptive. They can monitor and control the way the resources are used.

There are there different categories of cloud service models. There is software as a service (SAAS). It is the way of installing software on the machine of the client and it can be updated by applying patches which are available on the internet. The examples of such software are CRM, ERP and word processing. The next category is platform as a service (PaaS). There is no need to purchase the licenses for the platforms such as the database or the operating systems. Instead the tools are directly offered on the internet such as Java, Ruby, Rails which are available for use easily. The third category falls under actual physical devices such as servers, storage devices and computers which can be stored in one place. This can become the data center and be available centers anywhere in the world and can accessed by logging into any workstation and use that workstation as a dummy terminal to access the resource. This is using infrastructure as a service (IAAS). Thus, it improves the overall profitability (Ionescu, Ionescu & Tudoran, 2013).


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