Human Resources: Stakeholders (4-6 Paragraph Discussion Post)

Discussion 2: Stakeholder Buy-In

For a talent management initiative to be successful, it must have support from its stakeholders. Talent management initiatives can be costly for the organization. The upfront costs of consulting, implementation, or investments in software/hardware might seem expensive. If stakeholders are not convinced that these initiatives will add value to the organization, they probably will not support it. Gaining stakeholder buy-in will increase the chances that they will remain involved and support the initiative throughout its duration.

For this Discussion, suppose you work for an organization in which the stakeholders are not convinced that talent management initiatives are important to the success of the organization.

You will post a cohesive and scholarly response based on your readings and research this week that addresses the following:

  • What might you tell stakeholders regarding the relationship between organizational strategy and talent management initiatives?

Be sure to support your answers with appropriate resources and examples from the literature. APA Format.

By Day 4

Post a response that answers the above questions. APA Format.



Johnson, M. (2010). Honing a talent for retaining talent.
Financial Executive, 26(5), 20-24. Retrieved from the Walden library databases.

This article examines the impact that poor hiring and firing practices have on an organization’s success. It also discusses the financial impact that hiring and firing have on an organization.


King, J. (2010). IT Careers 2020.
Computerworld, 44(16), 14-19. Retrieved from the Walden library databases.

Note: Only read the segment on p. 17 that is title, “IT Job Seeks Need Not Apply.”

This article explores a new approach to recruiting talent. Organizations today are looking for talent capable of having multiple career paths, rather than just hiring for the specific position.


Ready, D. A., & Conger, J. A. (2007). Make your company a talent factory. Harvard Business Review, 85(6), 68-77. Retrieved from
The authors of this article present information found from an international survey on organizations that are satisfied with their talent pipeline. This article presents information on how organizations can overcome the struggle that some still face in building a successful talent pipeline.


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