HR 801 Turnover Remediation Plan Post Assignment

Based on the facts of the case, “Turnover Remediation Plan,” you will work individually and in groups to respond to the executive staff’s concerns for the high turnover rate of direct support professionals (DSP).

By Tuesday of Lesson 14:


  • Create a 250- to 500-word initial post, identifying at least three issues that you believe are most critical to address in the final submission to the executive staff.
  • In creating the post, explain why, based on the facts of the case, you believe the issues raised are critical.
  • Connect your explanations to specific concepts and/or findings from the textbook, readings, and commentaries contained in the class; use APA guidelines to cite those sources.
  • If you do not provide a substantive initial post by the required date, you will receive an individual grade equal to the group grade minus 10 points. For example, if the group score for the final submission is 72 points, you will receive a score of 62 points.

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