How does the use of Linkedin affect the face-to-face communication?

MY part in the presentation is a minimum of 5 Minutes and 2 slides.

My part is the Pros and Cons of using linkedin as a hiring tool.

The Pros section should be relied heavily on an interview we conducted with the hiring manager at Northwest Mutual Company. I will submit it below.

The Cons side should be from other resources . AT LEAST ON ACADEMIC RESOURCE IS NEEDED FOR MY PART,

Reources referece should be included in a correct APA format.

Presentation should not be under five minutes. I will recieve an F if it is.


Subject: Interview with Jen Easton, Recruiter at Northwestern Mutual


  1. Is LinkedIn a necessary part of employment communication?

  • Linkedin is the most relevant plat forum to find employees. 90% of MBA students find their carrier online.  Employers do look it up. Yes it is necessary, but going out there and working on networking is important to obtain a job. “Not What to know, but who to know”

  1. How does the use of Linkedin affect the face-to-face communication?

  • Linkedin is not use to communicate within the office. Used for hiring mainly. Finding new employees through Linkedin.

  1. How does LinkedIn help employers when it comes to hiring an employee?


  1. Did the use  LinkedIn made other communication tools inferior within the workplace? (email, texting, facebook)

  • Not inferior. They all work together.

  1. Does your company require that the employers use LinkedIn for work?

  • Not required. But needed for success.

  1. Is the existence of LinkedIn an absolute necessity on the resume?

  • Absolutely.

  1. What makes LinkedIn such an important tool for your company?

People are connected. Seeing how much you are connected. Seeing what you’ve done. LinkedIn has a personal spot where you post a little bit about yourself.

  1. How might you encourage your coworkers and new employees to utilize LinkedIn to strengthen their professional standing within your company?

  1. How much time do employers spend on LinkedIn at work?

  • Around 5% of the recruter time. Jen always takes a look at people profile before interviewing them.

  1. When did LinkedIn become a popular tool for your company?



  1. If an employee does not have a LinkedIn account, will this affect their hiring process?


  1.  What significance do you believe social media has when it comes to getting a job, career advancement, and personal branding?


  1. Has Linkedin changed the structure of communication within the organization?

Yes. having the information accessible.


  1. What part of the LinkedIn account makes an impressive profile?

Leadership experience, involved in the community, award section, community section, volunteered experience, award section,


  1. What in specific do employers look for in a person’s LinkedIn account?

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