How do race and class intersect in United States society? Why are the two often very related?

What did you learn? What did you find interesting? Did the author(s) introduce any new or specialized terminology? Is it clear the author is in favor or against a particular topic? How was it beneficial to the study of social problems?
Be sure to apply terms/concept(s) from the chapters, and/or the slide presentations. Use at least two direct quotes with citations (ASA style) from an academic source (such as text, module slides, or me) per response to support your points. Apply examples from your personal lives, current events, and/or class lectures.
The only sources you need for this assignment are the articles, your class notes, slides, and/or textbook. Follow the American Sociological Association format for “Citations in Text” and the reference page:

Textbook used- Social Problems in a diversity Society by Diana Kendall

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