HIS202 HGTC Cultural Changes Of The World War 1 In The United States

Exam 2

Essay Question (50 points each): Answer two of the questions below in essay form (i.e. two separate essays) by drawing on information from lectures, your textbook, class discussions, as well as documents we have read for class. Good answers will start with a clear argument and then support each point with specific examples drawn from class materials. Be sure to read the “Tips” sheet on D2L which explains my expectations for the exams.

1. Trace the shifts in American foreign policy from World War I to World War II to the Cold War. How did the United States become involved in each of these conflicts? How did involvement in them change America’s position in the world? And finally, how did each of these wars lead to changes and challenges on the home front?

2. World War I, the Great Migration, and technological advances contributed to a number of cultural changes within the United States. How did different Americans respond to the challenges and opportunities associated with modernity? What do you see as being the most significant shifts that occurred in the post-WWI era?

3. Throughout the 1910s, 20s and 30s numerous new political ideologies (communism, fascism, and New Deal liberalism) gained popularity in the United States and abroad. Discuss how these ideologies differed from one another, and how did groups within the United States take part in and advocate for these movements?

I will give you all additional information needed once you are choosing. I needs this quick but concise and accurate. HISTORY MUST BE A STRONG SUIT FOR YOU.


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