HCA 450 ECPI University Children Obesity in Virginia Paper

I’m This week, you are required to submit your final course project. Ensure your project has an introduction and a summary. Cite your sources and format your paper using APA style. Proofread your paper before you submit it to ensure you have corrected any spelling or grammar errors.

Project Requirements

  • You must use at least THREE scholarly references. This is a minimum number of references. Depending on the population, you may find that it requires several references to address all of the Behavioral Considerations. It is highly recommended that you use the ECPI Online Library. This project will be used in the HCA490 Capstone Portfolio.
  • Your paper should be approximately four (4) to six (6) pages in length (this does not include the title page or reference page).
  • Please use APA formatting and style to write this paper.
  • Your paper should contain an introduction which includes the purpose of the paper, an explanation of how the needs assessment was carried out, and the major points to be covered in the paper.
  • The body of your paper must include information on the behavioral items listed below:
    • A complete and comprehensive representation of the data uncovered (along with the reference information)
    • An analysis of the significance of the data discovered
    • Suggestions for how the need should be addressed
    • List appropriate resources to address the needs (along with reference information). You must use at least the required minimum of three scholarly resources, not including your textbook.
  • Your conclusion should be engaging and creatively summarize the paper.
  • Please choose one of the underlined topics below. You must discuss all areas listed under your specific topic in your report.

Behavioral Considerations in Population Health Assessment

Nutrition and Diet

  • What are the food preferences and consumption patterns in the population?
  • What is the nutritional level of the population?

Weight Management

  • What percentage of the population is overweight?
  • What percentage of the population is underweight?
  • What percentage of the population is obese?
  • To what extent does the population participate in physical activity?


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