Google Glass: Product Design to Create satisfying Customer Experience

Use Internet resources, the information in your readings and your instructor to help you develop a great project.

Criteria: Use A.P.A. format for referencing all sources used in your projects. A.P.A. format is the standard format for all reports in the Department of Business and Tourism. If you are not familiar with APA formatting, please check with the library resources.

Your report should have a cover sheet and be in standard academic format: 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced, correct grammar, spelling and use of English. You must cite all sources under the heading “references” to avoid committing plagiarism.

Project 1: Fix It!

Please choose a product or service. In either case, choose something that has a flaw, problem or which could be more efficient.

Your aims are:

To improve the product or service to create a more satisfying customer experience, and To increase profit derived from the product or service.

 Draw, photograph or create a diagram of the product or service. Explain the design as it is now.

 Write a critical paper explaining how it could be improved, why your improvements will work and how. Use the assigned readings as sources of information to draw on theories, methodology and concepts. Be thorough and use critical thinking to make your


 The paper should be as long as it takes to fully explain the changes you recommend. One page

is likely not long enough but ten is too many!


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