Giorgio De Chirico Art In Theory Reading Response Help

1. Readings (Art in Theory)

a. Sigmund Freud 21-28

b. Giorgio de Chirico 58

c. Video: Leonardo Drew “Investigation”

d. Carl Gustav Jung 378-381

e. Go to: and read “Interview: Rik Oostenbroek”.

Readings Response

Of all the artists we have read this week what ideas relate to you the most and why? If none relate to you, then write your own reading (one or two paragraphs) based on this week’s overall theme or your own. You’ll share them with the class.

2. One response for Read pages 121-125 (Art and the Law) and 161-164 (Copyright) in The Business of Being an Artistfor March 14, 2019.

3. One response for Chapters 9-18 of The Artist’s Complete Health and Safety Guide.


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