Gender Roles In Beauy and The Beast

Gender is a topic that will allow you to practice and hone your critical reading, thinking, and writing skills. Why gender? Gender is familiar. Everybody is, in a sense, already an “expert” on gender. From the earliest stages of your life, you have been developing that “expertise” by the mere fact of your ability to live within and interact through the codes of gender. Reading, thinking and writing about gender allows you to take something “normal” and examine how society creates these norms and the spaces in which we can then question these norms. In thinking and writing about gender issues, we also learn about ourselves. Gender codes can be both productive and constraining. Almost everyone has been subjected to a gender stereotype in their lives, judged for an inadequate performance of gender, or pressured to do something in order to satisfy an expectation of his or her gender. By understanding gender as a social process, we learn to question these practices and assert ourselves as individuals.

This project : analysis of specific artifact

Analysis of specific artifact – five pages minimum Your choice (needs approval) of artifact that demonstrates gender roles Develop an argument you see arising from your artifact as it relates to gender representations – using films and articles to support your analysis

MLA style, 12 pt. font

My artifact is In the film industry, women are viewed as “subject”. The movie beauty and the beast, the character Gaston said, “It’s not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting *ideas*, and *thinking*…” I would like to focus on how women are thought of when they started to become more educated and start going to school to learn. The movie also shows a standardized look of female and male genders. Bell is a small, gentle and kind character, where on the other hand, the Beast is shown as large and is more likely to outbursts his anger.


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