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This is a class question that needs to be answer with at least 150 words. I would like for it to be in your own words. Please No Plagiarism This need a reply to another student in my psychology class

Class, The moderator for the Are You in Control of Your Life assessment, provided feedback that suggests that I have great self-discipline which keeps me on track to achieve goals. It also mentioned my being empowered, persistent, self-determined, and a master of my life, which implies I can push myself forward despite setbacks or self-doubt.

In addition to keeping the course despite challenges, I have no problems identifying takeaways and lessons learned and I taking responsibility for my actions. It’s that mindset that allows me to think critically, make effective decisions, and make positive changes.

Some things I can do to gain more control of my life are going out to network, put goals in writing, put a plan in motion, ask for help and be persistent. Thoughts??


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