FIN 5307 Prufrock Company ratio analysis

Prepare to Write a Financial Report:

Research is not needed or expected. Some background information will be provided to guide your thoughts on how best to present the financial analysis.

Study the excel file because you need to understand financial ratios before you write a comprehensive report. The excel file provides a financial ratio analysis for a specific company, including some benchmarks.

Write for a Target audience of real-world professionals and practitioners who conduct financial analysis.

Most of the audience would work in an industry that conducts credit analysis or investment analysis; others may be self-taught investors. It is not unusual to receive an analysis of a company’s financial statements that is similar to the information provided in this case. Examples include a Credit Department or Underwriting Department that is conducting financial statement analysis for a specific company, and the analysis will be provided to a different department for a specific purpose, such as: (a) structuring a commercial loan; (b) structuring a private equity investment; or (c) pricing the issuance of stock or bonds for the company. The purpose may or may not be known to the department providing the analysis. Sometimes the purpose is intentionally not revealed to avoid any bias in the analysis. Other times, the purpose will be known so that the analyst(s) can address the risk associated with a specific transaction.

6. Rubric for Grading:

Rubric for Written Financial Report

Maximum Score

Cover Sheet: Name, Due Date, Course Number, Course Title, Assignment Title,

Word Count


Organization, Syntax, Presentation of

Data in Report







Extra Credit:1%

Utilizing the University Writing Center – online or on-campus – and obtain confirmation for assistance with “writing in the finance discipline,” especially for presenting data in tables, as well as in appendices.


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