Film Response 3


Film Response 3
Field: History
Posted: 6 hours ago
Due: 26/03/2018
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You will be watching a Soviet film, Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (1980).
This film is very famous and even won an Oscar for best foreign film. It follows the story of three young Soviet women from the countryside who move to Moscow to make it in life. As you’ll see, each women pursues success in a different way and by comparing and contrasting their lives we can tell a lot about what life was like for women in the second half of the Soviet Union (esp. from the late 50s-early 80s). The three women are Katerina (Katya), Antonina (Tonya), and Lyudmila (Lyudya).

The film is available on YouTube in two parts. Here are the links:

And here is the prompt:
Instructions: Please write a ~250-300 words response to the following question.
Make specific references to at least 2-3 events/scenes in the film to support your argument.

In what ways are Katerina’s opportunities limited (or not) by her sex, and what does this say about the policies of the Soviet Union?  How do the experiences of each of the three main female characters (Katerina, Lyudmila, and Antonina) reflect different aspects of what life was like for Soviet citizen


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