Field: Psychology

Field: Psychology
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Due: 29/03/2018
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Lab Assignment                                                                               Gender Role Quiz
3 pages
Respondent #1 (Yourself)
For each question, answer whether the behavior described was more typical or your mother or father as you were growing up.
1.  When your family went out, who drove?
2.  Who handled the finances/money?
3.  Who wrote the “thank you” notes for gifts?
4.  Who was more likely to ask, “Where are my socks/stockings?”
5.  When the car needed to be repaired, who took it to the garage?
6.  Who did the laundry?
7.  Who dusted and vacuumed your house?
8.  When you had a fever, who knew where to find the thermometer?
9.  When the sink needed fixing, who knew where to find the pipe wrench?
10. Who knew where the summer clothes were packed away?
11. When you had guests for dinner, who made the drinks?
12. Who watered the house pants?
13. Who mowed the lawn?
14. When you went on a trip, who packed the suitcases?
15. When you went on a trip, who packed the car?
B.  Gender-Role Quiz: Respondent #2 (Interview another individual)
For each question above, ask whether the behavior was more typical of their mother or father as they were growing up.
C.  Gender – Role Development: Follow-Up Questions
In what age group are you and the other respondent?
Is there evidence of gender-role stereotyped behaviors in the answers? That is, were items 1, 2, 4, 5, 9, 11, 13, and 15 answered as more typical of fathers, and items 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, and 14 answered as more typical of mothers?
For each respondent, indicate the total number of responses that are in agreement with the traditional gender-role breakdown just noted.
Respondent #1          Respondent #2
(yourself)                   (yourself)
Number of items in agreement with
With traditional gender roles (maximum = 15)   ________________               _______________
If there is a difference between your responses and those of your other respondent, please explain the difference; for example, are there age differences, gender differences, cultural differences etc.? If there is no difference, please explain this outcome.
To what extent do you believe your own gender identity and gender-role development were influenced by the behaviors modeled by your parents? In what ways is our own behavior modeled after that of your same-sex parent? In what ways is it different?
To what extent is your concept of the ideal person of the opposite sex a reflection of the behaviors modeled by your opposite-sex parent? In what ways is it different?
In your estimation, should parents encourage or discourage traditional gender-role development in their children? Please explain your reasoning.



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