Fast Food Industry Discussion

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  • Research the recent regulatory changes, trends and production factors present in the fast-food industry today. Based on your research, what would you do to change people’s beliefs about your company’s product offerings?

The fast-food sector has become a critical part of the U.S. food industry. It has answered the needs of a changing society in which the time allocated to “refill the tank” has incrementally decreased with increasing levels of workplace productivity. Working America’s habits of eating fast, eating cheap, eating while working, and eating low-quality food are part of broadly identified health issues in the United States. Fast food will not disappear despite slowed growth of certain segments of the industry in recent years, but the question is, can fast food improve its image by providing better food? More than any other segment of the industry, the fast-food segment has seen unprecedented development over the last 70 years. It has also played a major role in obesity issues and bad eating habits in the United States.

You own a franchise of a famous fast-food chain, and you receive consistent criticism about the parent company’s product development practices. You believe that much of this criticism is based on misinformation about your company and the fast-food industry in general.

Incorporate at least 1 link to an outside source with use of proper APA citations.


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