A jeans manufacturer operates twin plants—one in Juarez, Mexico and the other in El Paso, Texas. The Juarez plant cuts the fabric for the jeans, and the El Paso plant assembles the pieces into finished jeans. In a given year, the Juarez plant ships $40 million worth of cut fabric to the El Paso plant which, in turn, adds $60 million of additional value. In the end, $100 million of final product comes out of the El Paso plant. One half of these jeans are sold in the U.S. and the other half are shipped to retailers in France. How would this activity be reflected in U.S. GDP and its components? (8 pts)
April 7, 2018
April 7, 2018

External Changes

  1. Review your discussion posting in Unit 1 regarding a      health promotion program for a Leading Health Indicator from Healthy      People 2020.
  2. Based on what you have learned in this course, evaluate      your initial recommendations and discuss changes you made. You must      support your ideas with Evidence Based Practice.

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