Explain on how to best manage two different types of “star” employees.

Week 2 Written AssignmentCoaching Help?Imagine that you are coaching a manager on how to best manage two different types of “star” employees. Both employees are individuals whom the company hopes to develop and encourage to grow with the organization. In a 4-6 page report (not including title page or References section), provide two different strategies to best motivate the following two team members: a.  A twenty-something with a sharp mind, advanced degrees, and minimal work experienceb.  An older, tenured individual with an exceptional track record for successful projectsMake sure that your strategies include an actionable set of items with information on monitoring and follow-up requirements. Also, be sure to incorporate information on the type of company, the prevalent reward system, and the current performance emphasis when drafting your report. Detail any potential barriers that might affect management’s ability to fully motivate these star employees. Incorporate information from two peer reviewed articles, in addition to the required article by Harbour (2009) to support your suggestions. This assignment is worth 8 points of the total course grade. Week 2 Discussion 3 Peer Reviews Post your strategies to the discussion board for peer review. Your peers will review your recommended strategies and provide critiques of the effectiveness of your strategies. When reviewing your peers’ strategies compare and contrast the differences in their strategies and your own. This assignment is worth N/A points of the total course grade.

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