Explain MPBS Compensation Plan LASA (CO 1, 2, 3, 4).

  As you prepare for this assignment, you should research typical United States, Japanese, and German approaches to compensation using your textbook, the Argosy University online library, and the Internet. Consider arguments for and against each of the three countries’ approaches to compensation.  Research the trends and issues affecting the global workforce. As you conduct your research, make note of the recent trends affecting the three approaches and the factors which might be causing each country’s approach to change.MPBS has requested your assistance in developing a new and comprehensive compensation plan that will meet the company’s needs in both their domestic operations and their international operations.  MPBS management has asked you to review their current plan and prepare a report describing the new plan.You have asked MPBS to describe the most important criteria they would like to see in the new plan and they have indicated they would like to have a compensation program that will:MPBS recognizes that they have taken a very haphazard approach to employee benefits and have asked you to ignore the benefits they now provide as you develop a new employee benefits package for the company.  Your consulting team has met and worked up the framework of the report that should be submitted.  In addition to employee benefits, it must provide for annual adjustments to base pay, whether salary or hourly wage, and a pay for performance plan.   MPBS management has asked you to design the total compensation plan that will cover all employees located within the United States in detail first, then follow that detailed plan with recommendations on how it should differ for employees living and working in Germany and in Japan.Your report should include the following:To complete this assignment, you must submit a 6-9 page paper that addresses the twelve elements of the task as numbered above and provide reasons for your recommendations.The paper must be submitted as a Word document and it must follow APA style guidelines. By , deliver your assignment to the .

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