Excelsior College The Moral Side of Euthanasia Research Paper

Research Project

This module will explain what is required for your research project. Be sure to review all information provided in this module to ensure that you understand all of the rules and requirements. This research project is a large portion of your overall average, so prepare adequately now.

The Basics: Students will be required to research a chosen topic/issue and present a proper Rogerian argument centered on that topic/issue. APA format will be used for this project.

Let’s get started!

Read and Review:

Beginning the Research Process for an Argumentative Essay


Planning Your Rogerian Argument


Big Picture Thoughts: A Rogerian argument is different than a traditional pro-con argument, of which you may be more familiar from previous writing assignments. The point of a Rogerian argument is to find ways to compromise so that both sides get something, but no one gets everything. Try to find an even number of sources on each side to give adequate support for all. Remember that this is not just a report on both sides of an issue. You do have to take a stand, but you also have to show that you really understand the opposition and then suggest ways that the sides could come together.

Include in your submission:

    1. Two possible thesis statements. (one per point)
    2. An annotated bibliography of the eight sources that you will use in your paper. The annotations must be in your own words and not something directly copied from the sources in order to avoid plagiarism.
    3. Include a complete citation in APA, a concise summary of the content and scope, AND how the source is relevant to your essay (in other words, how you will use the source).
    4. ONE “regular” website source is permitted but must be approved by your instructor. If you choose to use websites, you MUST include the website link at the end of the source listing. The instructor will need to verify your sources in this assignment, and a website link is necessary to validate the sources you select for your essay.
    5. If you are unsure how to complete this assignment, review the helpful links in the previous “Read and Review” section pertaining to annotated bibliographies and annotating sources.


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