Evaluation Of External Factors That May Impact The Strategies Of DHL

Assignment 100%

An important aspect of formulating a strategic plan for an organisation is to evaluate the external factors that may impact the strategy or strategies the company wishes to pursue For this assignment you are on the senior management team of a transport company (DHL).

Through conducting independent research (on an individual basis) you are tasked with the following: 1. Review, discuss and analyse current strategies which have been implemented by the organisation. (30 marks)

2. Determine, analyse and discuss potential changes to the company’s strategies that may be needed in the year ahead considering external factors including Brexit and risks and impacts which may affect the organisation and the transport industry. (50 marks)

There will be an additional 10 marks for the structure of the assignment and 10 marks for citing and referencing.

The external factors: factors outside the company that you don’t have any power on it, example as Brexit.

Structure of the assignment:

1-Table of contents


3-Current Strategies of the organisation

4-Potential changes to company’s strategy




As the assignment needs to be in Irish context, Im thinking to go with DHL as its oprating between ireland and the UK and how its going to be effected by Brexit (UK to Ireland) and how Brexit will effect the who operation.

things need to be in mine: Im a transport student, studying in Ireland. The assignment should make reference to their logistics operation and how they will be effected form such an external force (Brexit and other forces) in an Irish context.

Important: Referencing must be in Harvard style, In tex citation is a must.

English: UK or Irish


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