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April 21, 2018
This project is designed to give you experience with operant conditioning. You are going to choose an unwanted behavior of yours that you would like to eliminate or a desirable behavior that you would like to increase. You are going to explore the causes of that unwanted behavior, using concepts from both classical and operant conditioning. The end goal of the project is for you to understand why you engage in that behavior (even if you don’t successfully change the behavior). Instructions for this assignment can be found at the d2l course website in “content”.
April 21, 2018

In this assignment, you will gain an understanding of the crises that occur in development based on Erickson’s theory and utilize this understanding to apply this theory to your own development.

Erickson’s theory looks at development throughout life in a series of stages, and each stage identifies a crisis that occurs in life.

Based on your age, which stage of development does the theory predict you are currently facing? It is important to note that everyone’s development is unique and may not fall into this stage theory. You may feel that the previous stage or the next stage better explains your developmental process.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper discussing the stage of psychosocial development you are currently experiencing. Use the following questions to help direct you:

  • Where does the theory place you in the life stages?
  • Is this stage an accurate reflection of your current life stage? Do you believe that there is congruence between the developmental tasks and psychosocial crisis and your current life circumstances?
  • If so, briefly discuss the developmental tasks and the psychosocial crisis with which you are currently engaged. If not, what stage better addresses your life stage? What is the crisis being worked through in this stage?
  • Looking at your own career development and job satisfaction at your current or previous places of employment, analyze elements that have contributed to your current status based on your gender and cultural background.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines


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