ENGL2030 SUNY Buffalo 5 Picture Story Book Assignment

In one single post to this forum, please post pictures of covers for 5 picture books (either copied/pasted from its photo on Amazon, elsewhere online, etc. or from a cell phone picture that you take of a copy you own or have access to at a library, relative’s house, etc.). Tell us why you think each of these 5 books is a “true” picture book or more of a “picture story book.” (You will obviously have to be able to read these books ahead of time, either online or in paper form).

Note: It is best to choose books that tell a story rather than those that “teach” colors, shapes, etc. In other words, we want fiction, not non-fiction for this discussion. Also, please avoid “Early Reader” books, such as Dr. Seuss, A Child’s Anthology of Poetry, Goodnight Moon, Where the Wild Things Are, Charlotte’s Web and The Classic Fairy Tale for this assignment. Many/most (?) picture books and picture storybooks tend to be “over-sized” books.

I uploaded the sample file for you.


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