Effect Of Southwest Airlines On US Airline Markets Research Paper

Look at the files that I upload, case 16, named Southwest Airlines, read the whole case carefully and seriously, and analyze this case from the perspective of an Ethical/CSR OmbudsmanHow do the activities of the company compare with the corporate social responsibility model–to make a profit, be legal, be ethical, be philanthropic? Analyze each level. Discuss any gaps you have observed. (For example, what legal/ethical issues impacting the organization currently or in the future. You amy also share any current event information related to the case study.


Write your deliverables
in a word document first AND save it. Then, copy and paste your document in the appropriate discussion area.
Deliverables must be 1.5-2 pages in length and have at least one academic source–12 inch font Times New Roman–double spaced. You need add reference.


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