drawing an image

Hello buddy,

okay, the drawing need to be related to how the cost of education is a problem. so Please draw something using the painting or something easy to I can open it here.

here are the details:

I want you to draw a door to be like a door for a university and Please make the door locked. and on it write the word “tuition”.

and in front the door draw a a boy or a girl that is sad because he or she can not get into the college because the door locked of the high tuition.

Behind the boy or girl draw like the parents of the boy or girl and try to show that they are said and can’t help their child to go to college. you can like draw them holding their wallet and its empty or just show something that represent how they can’t help

Please use the red color to represent something dangerous and also try to have word write as (tuition or cost) , and fmaily,


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