Dog Adopting Website Developing HTML & CSS Coding Help

This project will consist of the following components

  • 6 pages
    • Home Page
    • Image Page
    • Table Page – this page has the information about each pet
    • Form page
    • Contact Page
    • CSS page
  • Navigation should be 2 vertical that means 2 columns with hover capability for at least 1 page.
  • CSS page should have the title, the navigation, the footer, body, the header
  • 2 column vertical navigation (hover)
  • Right float with text
  • Left float with text
  • Boxes around at least 2 pictures picture with captions
  • The header should have a border, margin, different background color
  • 2 types of text
  • Different colors for the body, main and divisions
  • Page Content
    • Home overview of the type of Pet you want to discuss in your website
    • One page about different pets for adoption – code it in a table with the pet’s name, picture and description (have 5 pets in your table) see the directions below:
    • One page is about how to submit and contact you about a pet on your website.Make sure you create a form asking for name address and email (Validate the email.)
    • One page is about your organization
  • Include 2 videos on your website
  • A favicon will be included
  • Navigation between all pages
  • Upload the site through filezilla and MAKE SURE EVERYTHING WORKS
  • Code check W3C
  • Upload to canvas the 5 pages and the url
  • Write a reflection of the process/struggles you had with this project 1-3 paragraphs

Table should have at least 5 rows and include the following data for each pet

  • Picture of the pet
  • Pet’s name
  • Pet’s breed
  • Pet age
  • Where to go to adopt the pet

The form page is consisting of the following;

  2. NAME
  3. EMAIL

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