Discussion questions


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I need answer for 5 Discussions, It should be in Approximately 300 words . Answer the questions below follow APA guidlines with. 3 references per reviewed articles.

Note: Each Discussion should contain 300 words and be in separate word document

Discussion Question1:

Consider the three key forces (technology, globalization, and social responsibility) driving the new marketing realities.

  • How are they likely to change in the future?
  • What other trends or forces might affect marketing?

Discussion Question2:

Defend ONE of the following statements:

  • The best marketing research is quantitative in nature.
  • The best marketing research is qualitative in nature.

Discussion Question3:

Discuss the notion that a key marketing goal is to change the consumer’s idea of a “want “to a “need”

Discussion Question4:

Discuss the concept of Brand Extension.Is it dangerous to brands or important for brand extensions can endanger brands?

Discussion Question5:

Discuss the idea that cost plus pricing may not be the best approach to pricing. What should be the driving force(s) in establishing prices that firm’s should charge.

Note: Subject name is Marketing Management


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