Discussion negotiation management

Your state has a forthcoming referendum concerning no smoking in public places including bars and restaurants. Follow the below ten steps on negotiation planning.

APA Format .300 words .2-3 peer reviewed references MUST. No Plagiarism.

1. Define the issue
2. Assemble the issues and define the bargaining mix
– The bargaining mix is the combined list of issues
3 Define your interests
– Why you want what you want
4. Know your limits and alternatives
5. Set your objectives (targets) and opening bids
(where to start)
– Target is the outcome realistically expected
– Opening is the best that can be achieved
6. Assess constituents and the social context of
the negotiation
7. Analyze the other party
– Why do they want what they want?
– How can I present my case clearly and refute the other party’s arguments?
8. Present the issues to the other party
9.Define the protocol to be followed in the negotiation


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