Discuss Woman In Combat Roles.

This culminating assignment will tie together your efforts of completing the five research activities, which outlined the steps of the research process.  There are three parts of this project that you are required to complete:  an outline, research paper introduction, and bibliography.  More information about each component is listed below. Although you are not required to write a full research paper for this assignment, these are important initial steps that are necessary in preparing to write a research paper. Practicing these skills will teach you how to plan a well-developed research paper. You can even choose to use the information generated from this project and follow through with it to create a research paper for a future course. Based on your thesis statement and initial research, write a brief outline.   The outline should have at least four or five main points and the same number of Roman numerals as in the outline example that reflects the scope and direction of your research topic. Remember, if you were to write the full research paper, consider the areas/points would you want to cover in your writing (For review with formatting an outline, review : .)- Write a research paper introduction using one of the five ways mentioned in : . “A research paper, as with any good essay, starts off with an introduction. The introduction serves two purposes: it presents your thesis and gets the reader’s attention. There are 5 ways you can do this”:The most important piece is to ensure that your thesis statement is included.  The research paper introduction needs to be at least 1 page long and 250 – 400 words and should include:- On a separate page, create a that lists all of the sources that you cited into your introduction.  (Review research activity #5: Citing Sources to learn how to properly format your citations in style.) USE THESE REFERENCE WEBSITES:  USE ATTACHMENTS AND NO PLAGARISM. MUST BE COMPETE MY FRIDAY NOON PST.

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