Discuss emerging Application of Technology in a Critical Infrastructure.This paper is the second of two Technology Reviews that you will research and write for this course.

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October 31, 2019
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October 31, 2019

Discuss emerging Application of Technology in a Critical Infrastructure.This paper is the second of two Technology Reviews that you will research and write for this course.

For this paper, you must choose an emerging application of technology which is suitable for future use in systems, hardware, or software which are used to operate or support a critical infrastructure.

The technology review papers will be used to prepare your technology selection paper for the Analysis of Alternatives exercise later in the course. Your audience for these papers is a group of senior executives who will be meeting to decide which emerging technologies or emerging applications of infrastructure technologies should be selected for one or more security-focused, Internal Research & Development projects during the next budget cycle. Each of these executives is responsible for a business area that will (a) develop systems and services which incorporate the emerging technologies or (b) depend upon such systems and services to support their organization’s operation of portions of the identified critical infrastructure.

For this paper, you will perform the first three stages of the technology scan:

Technology scanning is an evaluation model that is used when you need to develop a list of candidate technology solutions. A technology scan can also be used when you need to obtain information about the latest advancements in security products and technologies.


The scoping phase of this technology scan has already been performed. For this paper, your scope is late stage1 and stages 2 through 5 (as shown in the figure below).

Image Source: http://www.atp.nist.gov/eao/gcr02-841/chapt2.htm

Your scope is further restricted to technologies which are used in the computers, digital devices, and other electronic / electrical technologies (this includes networks and network infrastructures) which will be deployed or used in a critical infrastructure. For definitions of critical infrastructures, see https://www.dhs.gov/critical-infrastructure-sectors


To begin, select a technology which is in the basic research or proof of concept / invention (stage 1 and early stage 2 in the diagram above) and which meets the scoping restriction. You may use news articles, press releases, and government or company Web sites to help you find an appropriate technology. (Remember to cite these sources in your paper.)

Suggested technologies include:

• Autonomous Vehicles (ground, sea, or air): Transportation Systems Sector

• Crypto Currencies: Financial Services Sector (DO NOT CHOOSE Bitcoins)

• Deep Space Communication Networks: Communications Sector

• Implantable Medical Devices: Healthcare and Public Health Sector

• Precision Agriculture (integrated systems using satellite imagery, GPS, Sensors, Robots): Food & Agriculture Sector

• Robot inspectors for physical infrastructures (buildings, roads, railways, pipelines, etc.): Multiple Sectors

• Smart Grid (also called Advanced Metering Infrastructure): Energy Sector (DO NOT CHOOSE Smart Meters)

• Wearable Sensors for Hazardous Materials Detection (e.g. CBRNE): Emergency Services Sector

You are encouraged to look for and investigate additional appropriate technologies before deciding upon your technology choice for this assignment.

If you decide to research a technology that is not on the suggested technologies list (see above), you must first request and receive your instructor’s permission. Your instructor may require that you do preliminary library searches for research papers and technical papers to prove that you can find a sufficient number of resources to complete the assignment.

Survey of the Professional Literature

During your survey of the professional literature, you will identify 10 research papers or technical papers which provide technical information about your selected technology (see selection requirements for each paper). These papers must be dated 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, or 2015 (five year window).

Allowable sources for research papers / technical papers are: (a) professional journals, (b) conference proceedings, (c) dissertations or theses, and (d) technical magazines (published by either the ACM or IEEE). If an article from one of the above sources does not have a reference list containing at least 3 references you may use it in your review paper but it WILL NOT COUNT towards the “10 research or technical papers” requirement.

The requirement to “survey the professional literature” must be met by using research papers/publications and technical papers which are available from the following UMUC online library databases: ACM Digital Library, Dissertations & Theses (Pro Quest), IEEE Computer Society Digital Library, and Science Direct.





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