Disaster Recovery


Using a Web browser and a search engine, search the terms “BP deepwater disaster plan failure.” You will find many results. Select one article and identify what that article considers a shortcoming in BP’s planning. What part of the contingency planning process came up short (IR, BP, or CP)? How could the shortcoming have been prevented?


  • Type your responses with proper headings in a word document.
  • Detailed and significant scholarly answers will be graded with full point value. Incomplete, inaccurate, or inadequate answers will receive less than full credit depending on the answers provided

Note:-Previous feedback

Please note that a good portion of the work you have submitted is verbatim from external sources. While we should seek references, the posted work must be original. In other words, the student must write in their own words.

Note that you used just one source for this assignment. Make sure to expand your research. When you do that, you add more value to your paper.


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