Difficult Conversations in Health Administration

Your final paper should focus on describing the difficult conversation and then propose and defend a possible solution to the difficult conversation. This paper will focus on the solution. In the final paper, you should complete the following tasks:

  • Clearly, but briefly,describe the difficult conversation including the setting, participants, channel, and message – including the message goal(s). Think 2 pages, at most.
  • Describe and provide a short argument for why this conversation is difficult. In your description, briefly mention the main causes of difficulty. Then, identify which one cause you will focus on in this paper, explain why you will focus on it over the other causes, and describe the cause related to your difficult conversation in depth. For example, you may be dealing with a conversation that includes uncertainty and complexity. You can identify both, but then select and provide a detailed description of the one you will focus on in this paper with a brief rationale for why (uncertainty OR complexity).
  • Identify points in the communication process (consider: sender, receiver, message, encoding, decoding, channel, feedback, etc.) that may be amenable to intervention. Highlight and focus on the point in the communication process that you will tackle with your intervention. Please be sure to explain and provide arguments to justify why you picked that area. For example, although encoding, the message itself, and decoding are likely causing the issue, the message is what you plan to focus on for your intervention because X, Y, Z. The arguments should be based on existing literature.
  • *Using existing scholarly literature, identify interventions and intervention features that you believe are most likely to reduce the cause of difficulty. In this section, describe what has worked in the past and provide arguments for why it might work in your specific situation. Highlight how you would implement the intervention and how you believe the difficulty would be reduced. Briefly acknowledge any barriers to intervention implementation.

*As a note, the first three points should take up about half of your paper, the fourth point should be the other half of the paper.

Additional Requirements:

  • Your paper should be written in APA format inclusive of your reference list. You do not need a title page. Please include your name in the header.
    • You should use at least 15 scholarly references
  • 5-7 pages total, not including your reference list.
    • Note: your writing should be well organized, include strong arguments, be clear and concise, and free of grammatical errors. For assistance on these elements, please contact a writing coach.
  • Your paper should be typed:
    • 12 point times new roman font
    • 1” margins
    • double spaced

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