Describe and analyze a current ethical dilemma that is work-related.

You are to describe and analyze a current ethical dilemma that is work-related.  For example, you might choose to study organizations that may have engaged in unethical behavior such as Bridgestone/Ford, Enron, MCI, Adelphia, Arthur Andersen, R. J Reynolds, Haliburton, Exxon, Freddie Mac, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Microsoft, Union Carbide, Merck, and Nestle, among others.  In addition, you may explore current organizational dilemmas such as global labor in the  textile and apparel industries, discriminatory lending practices by banks, clinical trials in developing nations by pharmaceutical companies, affordable housing in the construction and development industries, welfare-to-work programs sponsored by the government, tribal/reservation land use and development, migrant labor in farming, faith-based initiatives and hiring practices, nepotism in family-run businesses, downsizing and outsourcing, workplace diversity programs and/or affirmative action, employee testing and privacy rights, and corporate volunteerism, among others.  Regardless of your choice of a company and/or issue, be sure that it is interesting to you and that you are willing to gather additional information regarding it.

The first paragraph or two of your paper should preview the dilemma or problem, with a clear thesis statement.  The first 5-7 pages of the paper should describe the organization and/or dilemma in detail, with an emphasis on analyzing the nature of the ethical dilemma, using both course-related material and outside resources. For example, outside resources should include additional readings related to an ethical theory and/or perspective that you are using in your paper.  As you write the paper, keep in mind that there should be a “hook” that compels the interest of the reader, and enough information to set the context (Who? What? Where? Why? How?).  The last 3-5 pages should focus on possible solutions (or resolutions) to the problem or situation.  As you offer possible solutions, be sure to provide a thorough and well-supported rationale for your arguments.

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