Cuyamaca College The World Is Too Much With Us discussion

I need help for write discussion about Wordsworth’s poem “The World is Too Much with Us,”

and the link is below:…

  1. The poem begins with the speaker complaining about people’s values in the modern world. What exactly is he saying? What does he mean by “the world”? What does he think people are preoccupied with?
  2. How does the speaker define nature? Consider the images of sea, flowers, and the mythological allusions to Proteus and Triton.
  3. What does the speaker of this poem think people in the modern world should do?
  4. This poem is a type of poem called a “sonnet.” Look up the word “sonnet” using this link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and describe the characteristics of a sonnet. How does the form (e.g. the rhythm, rhyme and meter) of this poem support its content?
  5. Is “the world” too much with you? How do you define “the world” today and how is it different from Wordsworth’s?

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