Cultural Facts on the Philippines

CF 2 – Leisure time, entertainment, cultural activities (3-5)


In the new culture, most likely you will need to build good relationships and trust with local colleagues. An important part of such an effort is to be knowledgeable about and be a part of leisure, cultural and entertainment activities typical in the new culture.

Research and provide a summary of the most important elements of such activities. Which one you would like to participate. What you will need to do or prepare to be a part or show interest in such events or activities.

Your report should at the minimum cover the following items:

  • National or favorite sport (and the major teams in these sports)
  • Admired sports figures and champions
  • Typical outdoor leisure activities (biking, fishing skiing…..)
  • Typical indoor leisure activities (e.g. games)
  • Globally known celebrities (singer, actors, sport, painters, writers, noble prize winners)
  • Typical cultural entertainment event (e.g. music, dance, live event)
  • Famous artist (singers, painters, writers….)
  • Major must see attractions and monuments
  • Major national parks and nature attraction (highest mountain, largest lake etc.)
  • Major historical events
  • Anything else that might make the local proud and “scoring points for you” that you are aware about that.

*Be sure to include Cultural Intelligence Elements (motivation, strategy, etc.)*


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