Create your own Personal Ethical Development Plan with take consideration the guidelines as attached will assest you to write the research also the self assessment attached

  • This course work’s research paper should not exceed 2000 word or be less than 1500 word.
  • References used to complete the assignment are mainly textbook ” Organizational Ethics A Practical Approach by Craig E Johnson ” and any other referred to material under the provided textbook. Feel free to use other references but please make sure that no reference is taken from non-academic resources on Google (like Wikipedia; for instance).
  • Any detected plagiarism the research will reject
  • Your opinion, personal experience, and individual input are highly appreciated as long as they are based on and supported by the science and knowledge studied in our course and are relevant to it.
  • Main text font used should be Times New Roman-size:12-lining spacing -1.5
  • Make sure your assignment is organised to provide for an introduction, main body, and conclusion.
  • Proof-edit your work adequately before submitting it. Pay extra attention to grammatical and spelling mistakes, overall organisation of your research, and word count.
  • Please use this file to write your assignment. However, please be aware that the word count will include only your work input (not anything else written on this file) (current word count:605).

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