Create a Discursive Literature Review Plan

For this assignment, you will practice planning, organizing, and synthesizing information from a few authors. The purpose of the exercise is for practice.

Begin the assignment by reviewing comments from faculty on the annotated bibliography feedback. Then rearrange the content of the annotated bibliography into a discursive style literature review. Create section titles for each topic. Integrate information from multiple authors under each topic, identified by the section titles. The purpose of this exercise is to practice for the final assignment due in Week 8. In Week 8, you will apply all topics from the course in the creation of a literature review in the form and style necessary for dissertations.

Below is a process that will be helpful for guiding this effort:

  • List concepts from the content of the annotated bibliographic assignment.
  • Create an outline using concepts as top-level subjects.
  • Create subtopics for each top-level.

When the outline is complete, create a rough draft of the discursive literature review. Include the following:

  • Create first- and second-level APA formatted section titles as appropriate.
  • Analyze, evaluate, and synthesize material for each topic.
  • Cite multiple authors for each topic section.
  • After the draft is completed, review and adjust your writing. Comprehensive and concise writing is required in the dissertation process.
  • Pay attention to the APA manual for the economy of expression required.

Length: 5-7 pages


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