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Essay:The Observation/Descriptive Essay

Choose a person, place or object to observe. In an essay describe in unique detail this person, place or thing. Keep in mind that though this is a description, it needs to be focused. It shouldn’t read like a journal entry. You need to have a main point, a thesis, that the body of your paper supports. Your essay should have a purpose. Your goal is to show how specific, observed details create dominant ideas about the person, place, or thing. Your purpose is to use your writing to help you observe, discover and learn about your subject and in the end to describe the subject to your reader.

Paper requirement length: 500 words (2-3 pages) double spaced (make sure to check the word count in Word before turning in the essay–any essay that doesn’t meet the minimum requirement will receive a substantial grade penalty)


Font: Times New Roman, 12 pt

Parameters: 1 inch margins, page numbers, class number and date, name


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