Consumer Report

Consumer Report–100 Points


Choose a consumer product to investigate, such as a camera, small 4×4 pickup truck, CD player, computer printer, computer software, bicycle, motorcycle, television, power tool, rowing machine, stove or microwave. Try to choose a product that you or your family might consider purchasing. You will do research on this product and present your findings in form of a report. Make sure to choose all your items for a similar category. If you’re looking at motorcycles for instance, then you could look at three different 1500 cc touring models.


You must use six-eight primary or secondary sources in your paper. Your primary research can be in the form of interviews with individuals (users, owners, salespeople, technicians) in a position to comment on the merits of the product. You also could use a brief survey, if you like, to gather opinions. Secondary research will be in the form of pamphlets, magazine articles, or periodicals. Avoid using books for this assignment.

Length, Content, and Style

Excluding the cover page, table of contents, abstract, and sources page, your paper should be about six double-spaced typed pages. Your paper can be longer than six pages, but don’t make it shorter. Include a Works Cited or References section, based on the style of documentation that you use (required). Consult Appendix A pages 669-70 for more information. You also can use the handbook from College Writing or Composition I, if you still have it.


All reports must be neatly typed in 12 point type on good quality paper.


Your report will be graded for completeness, format, content and clear writing. Try to proofread your report carefully and at least have one other person look at it before you submit the final draft.


Include all the drafts that you write of this paper (don’t throw them away), and also include any pamphlets or copies of article that you have. I take into consideration the research that you did for this report, so that’s why I like to see how much work you have involved. Also, don’t just submit your smooth copy of your final report without anything else in your folder. I like to see everything that you do.


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