Most companies have several products they offer.

Most companies have several products they offer. These products represent different levels of success within the company and need different types of attention. Most products introduced by a company start in the top right quadrant. These are “Question Marks” as the product may grow and be successful or they may fail and drop to a dog or simply be sold off (divested). If the product begins to show growth and acceptance, that product moves to the top left quadrant and becomes a “Star.” It has high market growth and high market share. After a while the product, because of the product life cycle theory, will eventually not show growth, and may move to the bottom left quadrant. This is called a “Cash Cow.” The company typically is not pumping any additional money into R/D of this product or even marketing. It is just reaping the benefits of a successful product. But as almost all products do, eventually it will fade and become a “Dog.” There is will have low market share and low growth potential.
Part 1: Choose a quick service restaurant like McDonalds, Taco Bell, Arby’s, etc. and select 8-10 of their products from their menu. Select products that represent different quadrants. Place them into one of the four quadrants and justify your placement. Be certain to consider the axis legend as illustrated in your text.
Part 2: Then apply one of the four basic marketing strategies for the company to do for that product.. Discuss at least four of the products you identified in Part 1. (Build, Hold, Harvest, Divest) Discuss what you think they should do and why.


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