Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody analysis


Being familiar with the book is necessary to write the paper because it will require the use of specific examples

Topic:Describe the most important elements of cultural knowledge that Anne Moody learned from her family and community as a child.Select two of these elements and analyze how her cultural knowledge of that element was sustained, altered, or transformed by her experiences in college and the Movement. This is interpretive research and while there are answers that are clearly wrong, there is no one “right” answer.Your interpretation/argument should be supported with examples and from the book.You may incorporate other materials, but it is not required.All examples and quotations must be properly cited and a complete bibliography attached.

Analysis.To address this question adequately, you will need to spend some time on analysis and organization before you begin to write.Use the culture model handout(attached, check it out) to help you organize the analysis.Start with the cultural knowledge (labels, rules, roles, practices, scripts, narratives, etc.) that Anne was taught.What institutions were involved in teaching this cultural knowledge?How were these institutions located in terms of power relations (dominance/subordination)?What experiences did she have that reinforced and/or challenged her cultural knowledge?How does she interpret these experiences throughout the book?When you have notes on all these aspects of the model, work on organizing your analysis into an essay.

Format: double-spaced, APA (please make sure the format is perfect especially in bibliography).


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