Cite relevant sources in the APA format on a separate page. Include in text citations.

This is a midtearm paper for me so if you do not want to do the work, please do not send me a handshake. I need an A+

You are the hospital administrator in a medium-sized, urban, for-profit hospital that caters to middle-income groups. You wonder if patients’ satisfaction with the hospital stay will increase significantly if they are given better and more flexible meal options. You decide to conduct a research study to find the answer. The first step is to design the study.

Design a descriptive study to investigate if better meal options will increase patient satisfaction. Include the following elements of design:

  1. Develop a research question or purpose of the study
  2. Selection of subjects for study (what is the sample)
  3. Assignment of subjects to experimental or control groups
  4. Study time period
  5. Type of data to be gathered
  6. Measures of meal options and of patient satisfaction
  7. Method of data collection
  8. Guidelines for data interpretation

After you complete building the study design, list three design elements you considered in your study that were not readily obvious in the one you read last week“Diagnosed with Breast Cancer While on a Family History Screening Programme: An Exploratory Qualitative Study.”    (Attached is my paper from last week so you can read and review what was wrote in regards to the article)

Submit your study design and list of three identified design elements in a Word document

Cite relevant sources in the APA format on a separate page. Inlclude in text citations.

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