CBE3005 Rasmussen Module 03 Assignment Listening Exercise

Many times we may think we are listening to someone, but are we really hearing what is being said? This activity is going to show you what type of listener you are.

Listening Activity:

  • Find a partner (coworker, friend, classmate…) and have them share something that is important to them (their religion, a special holiday, a family tradition, a belief…)
  • Make good eye contact but do not speak. If you feel like talking, write down what you would like to say (do not write down what they are saying).
  • Once your partner is done speaking, ask them how it felt to share this information with you.
  • Paraphrase back what you heard to your partner
  • Have your partner tell you if what you paraphrased was correct and if anything important was missing. Take notes of their comments.

Your paper should be a minimum of 1 page, double-spaced in 12 pt. font. Answer the following questions in your reflection on this activity:

  1. Did you feel tempted to talk? If so, share what you wanted to share.
  2. How did the person feel after sharing this information with you?
  3. What did you say to this person after they shared this information?
  4. Were you able to paraphrase what was said? Did you miss anything or say something incorrectly?

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